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Network infrastructure

Every Business needs  a reliable network both new client acquisition and for retaining current clients. Consider your network infrastructure to be backbone of your daily operations: Everything in your business relies on the strenght and reliability for that backbone to operate successfully

Redundant Connectivity

Many organizations have identified the internet as a critical resource that should never down. Therefore, Access Haiti’s redundant Internet connectivity can be configured to help ensure there’s at least one connection to the Internet up all times

CAT6/Fiber cabling Management

Access Haiti’s cabling engineers can ensure your network cabling is able to support any increase capacity in internet connectivity and data usage for optimal network performance. Network cable management, if not being handle property, could bring any business a succession of problems…

Network cabling pathways

Cable pathways are used to route and run cables. there are several types of network cabling pathways some of which includes: Conduits, Cable Trays, Raceways, Fiber Throughs and Runways. Conduits are most popular and commonly used Pathway.

firewall security

A firewall a combination of hardware and application that controls traffic to and from computer or network and either permits or denies communication based on a set of rules with a security policy.

Business Solutions

Made-to-Order Solutions As Unique as Your Business

Before switching to Access Haiti Business Solutions, Company A was dealing with two different companies for their phone and internet service. Locked into a contract and frustrated with performance, they were seeking alternative options.

After a needs-assessment conversation with Access haiti Business Solutions, an ideal solution arose. Combining their services and helping ease contract cancellation fees enabled them to increase network control and flexibility.

Professional Network And Data Security Solutions Do Not Have To Cost Your Business A Fortune!

At Access Haiti Business Solutions, our team of experts can swiftly implement proven network and data security solutions for your business computer networks. Our multi layered approach to network and data security allows Access Haiti to secure and protect your digital business intelligence from the outside world. Call us Today to find out how we can provide your company with highly secure, yet cost effective, network and data security.
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